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Eco-Tourism In The Bahamas

No matter which island or cay you visit in The Bahamas, tour operators or local entrepreneurs are always available to show you the world beyond the shores.

The view of the sea from the beach, air or land is breathtaking in The Bahamas, but if you really want to be impressed beyond belief, take the plunge and immerse yourself in a fascinating world of underwater wonder.

Bahamas Marine Life

Schools of curious, brightly colored tropical fish dart and glide through rich forests and canyons of coral. Small tropical fish, yellowtails, grunts, angelfish, tangs, triggerfish, sergeant majors, tiger groupers, Nassau groupers, yellowtail snappers, mutton snappers, angelfish, queen angelfish, parrotfish and many others inhabit the marine park reefs. Crawfish peek out from under ledges, protected by spiny anemone, sea cucumbers roll lazily with the ebb and flow of the current, and sea grasses wave like the long tresses of a woman’s hair.

In deeper waters, stingrays, sharks and turtles fly, glide and churn their way through the warm salty world of the most incredible vistas.


Schools of tuna, mahi-mahi, playful dolphins, pilot whales, and jack fly by. It’s an overwhelming of activity that is ever-changing. Brain coral, elkhorn coral and sea fans are all abundant in this spectacular environment. The most common types of coral include brain, elk horn and fire coral.