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Speak Like We!

"We have a careless disregard for all proper grammatical terms and prefer to speak in Bahamianisms!"

Bahamas Slang

Now remember, if you want to sound like a local you have to erase the "th" sound from your speech and replace it with a d (dat vs. that), exchange v's and w's (vant instead of want ' wan instead of van), replace the pronunciation of ir with oi (woigin vs. virgin). Oh ya, and never EVER pronounce the g in words that end in "ing"!

Biggety: Bold or loud
Buck up: To run into something or someone
Chirren: Children
Cut Eye: To give somebody a dirty look
Erl: Oil applies to both motor oil and cooking oil
Ferl: Aluminum Foil Real Bahamian women always carry some in their purse you never know when the buffet is going to provide tomorrow's lunch!
Gat:Got (or has)
Gattee: Have to
Gumma Dat: Give me some of that
I’s:I am
Musse: Must be
Gone: Bye
Grabalishus: Greedy
Jam up: Crowded
Jook: To poke or stab
Kerpunkle up: Drunk
Muddo or Muddasick: Holy Cow!
No Broughtupsy: Bad mannered
Pikney: Small child
Sip sip: Gossip
Sky Juice: Gin and Coconut Water
Slam Bam: Sausage and bread sandwich
Sweetheart: To cheat on your spouse or significant other
Tief: To steal
Tingum: A person, place or thing
Yinna: You