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Bahamas Information

Bahamas Information
So you want to visit The Bahamas? Well, hold on and let us fill you in on the real deal! There is a multitude of "tings" to do in da Bahamas – Sun, Sand, Sea – we have it all in abundance. But, remember you are in a country that was founded by a culture of people who found no shame in making a living by wrecking and piracy! And, that attitude still exists to this day!

Our over 700 islands and cays offer some of the best diving, fishing and boating in the Caribbean. The best part of The Bahamas lies in its pristine waters and amazing climate! Apart from the odd hurricane, we enjoy the best weather!

We are a proud nation who is passionate about everything from Junkanoo to government and politics to our strong Christian beliefs.

Although our primary industries are Tourism and Commerce, who we really are is best reflected in our music and art.

We are a magnet for the rich and famous and have contributed our own stars to music, film and elite athletics.

In recent years we have realized the importance of protecting our environment and have made strong inroads with our eco-tourism efforts.