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Sailing Around The Bahamas

sail north area

Imagine the sun high in the sky, crystalline azure water below and the possibility of having a school of dolphins escort you as your sails fill and you seem to take flight! This is sailing in The Bahamas!

Sail Boat Builders

The Bahamas has been a seafaring nation for hundreds of years so we know how to cater to your requirements wherever you decide to put down anchor. Our sloop builders are world famous and we can boast a few Olympic Gold Medal sailers among us!

For those of you lucky enough to own your own boat, this is quite possibly the very best way to travel through our beautiful island chain. Make sure your charts are up to date and set your sails for the best experience of your life!

If you don't have the luxury of a boat or the knowledge or experience to pilot your own craft we have sailing excursions complete with professional and experienced crews.