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Cruise Around The Bahama Islands

Disney Cruise Line
First you need to know that Cay is pronounced "key" – it’s a hangover from the English pronunciation of the word. There are hundreds of cays in the Bahamas and they are popular destinations for both locals and tourists. Some of the better known cays are:

Castaway Cay

Serves as an exclusive port for the Disney Cruise Line. It is located near Great Abaco Island, and was formerly known as Gorda Cay. It is owned in full by The Walt Disney Company, giving them substantial control over the experience of visitors to the island. A post office on the island has special Bahamian postage specific to Disney Cruise Line, and a "Castaway Cay" postmark. The island is developed in the theme of a castaway community, with buildings made to look as if they had been improvised after a shipwreck. A variety of activities are available to guests including bicycle hire, personal watercraft rental, snorkeling, and parasailing. There are three beaches for guests: one for families, one for teens, and another exclusively for adults, called Serenity Bay. It has also been used for filming; the beach where Tom Hanks first encounters Daryl Hannah in Splash is on the island.

Green Turtle Cay

Located in the "Abaco Out Islands". It was named after the abundance of green turtles that inhabited the area. The population of the island is about 450 and its main settlement is New Plymouth - founded in the 18th century. The architecture of the older homes in the village is unique in the Bahamas, with steep-pitched roofs, originating with settlers from New England. New Plymouth contains a post office, several restaurants, bars, and there is a museum featuring the paintings of noted Bahamian painter Alton Lowe. Green Turtle Cay is known for its excellent beaches and has several full-service hotel-resorts with boat marinas.

Coco Cay

One of the Berry Islands. Originally called Little Stirrup Cay. The east end is the center of recreational activities with beaches fronting a coral basin where manatee, rays and numerous fish can be seen. There is a rocky inlet on the north side of the island large enough for the tenders to operate from. Nature trails run the entire length and width of the island. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise ships have an exclusive lease and frequently anchor off the island and bring passengers ashore by tenders. Activities available to guests include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing and scuba diving. Royal Caribbean extends its children's programs onto the island including a Fisher-Price sponsored Power Wheels track for young children.

Man-O-War Cay

This small island in the Abacos is renowned for its boat-building history. William H. Albury was famous in the country for his tremendous boat building skills. There are two small grocery stores, a marina, a few gift shops, a hardware shop, one restaurant and a bakery. Golf-carts are the conventional means of transportation. No liquor is sold on the island. The diving, snorkeling and water sports around the island are truly exceptional. The people are both friendly and good-natured. The island is very safe with very little crime and is clean and well kept. The home builders of Man-O-War are known throughout the Bahamas for building homes that “Are built like Ships, but bolted to the land”.

Treasure Cay

A small costal community on the east coast of Abaco. The 5-star golf course has attracted PGA greats for decades and the superb beaches are a well-kept secret. The big crescent beach has been voted by National Geographic to be one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches. The town of Treasure Cay consists of a bakery (Florence's - best cinnamon rolls ever), a few bars and a restaurant, a library and general store. There are boats that can be chartered and great bone fishing.